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Root Cause

Global demand pressures

In our interconnected world, an increasing human population is combining with development, technology, and globalization, which results in global supply chains that pressure local communities and ecosystems.

Growing global demand for finite resources has the potential to increase disaster risk. Driven by a growing population and increasing development, the global demand pressures for food, water, energy, consumer products and industrial materials foster practices that maximize production at the cost of environmental sustainability. They also reduce the ability of ecosystems to buffer disaster impacts. An example of these trade-offs is deforestation. Forests support biodiversity and store carbon, but when they are cut down to support crops or livestock, they lose these abilities, and the lack of vegetation also increases the risk of wildfires. Similarly, hydropower dams are built to produce electricity, but they endanger fish species and coastal ecosystems that local communities rely on for livelihoods and coastal protection, which reduces resilience to storms.