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Axel Fassio / CIFOR

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Interconnected disasters require interconnected solutions, meaning that interventions must be able to address the multifaceted and complex nature of the problem.

For each case study, we identified a suite of solutions to address different elements of the problems that each disaster brought to the surface. All solutions were consolidated into larger conceptual categories, each representing a more general idea of how to approach solutions that are applicable across different contexts.

Although promising solutions exist in each solution category, they should ideally be used in combination with solutions from other categories to overcome implementation barriers and achieve the best outcome.

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Coexisting with natural processes for our overall benefit

Using new ideas and challenging established norms to adapt to or mitigate risk

Enhancing collaboration across disciplines/stakeholders to view a more holistic picture

Having established safety nets to protect people from adverse impacts

Modifying our consumption patterns to reflect more sustainable choices

Increasing capacity of institutions to create and enforce risk-reducing initiatives

Developing risk-aware infrastructure and land-use planning

Enhancing our capacity to predict and communicate risks